International Relations Office

International Relations Office is a coordinating structural unit of Khmelnytskyi National University and subject to the Vice Rector of International Relations.

The aim of the Office is the development and implementation of strategy for international activities, expanding and deepening international relations, promoting international cooperation in education and science.

Office’s activities are aimed at the organization and development of international cooperation of the University, international relations and cooperation in the scientific, educational and cultural spheres, and also formation of public relations with mass media, public organizations, higher educational establishments, educational centers and corporations, state structures, scientific institutions.

Main tasks of the Office:

  • preparing and concluding agreements on cooperation of University with foreign partners;
  • expansion of contacts in the field of joint scientific and practical projects;
  • planning and holding international scientific events (conferences, scientific-practical seminars, trainings, round tables);
  • a comprehensive study of foreign experience of development of education and science, including the implementation of the Bologna process;
  • organization and documentation support the participation of teachers and University staff in international projects of universities in different countries, financed by international funds;
  • organization of scientific cooperation with foreign universities;
  • attracting foreign specialists to work at the university and the participation of leading teachers and scholars in the educational and research activities of foreign universities and research institutions;
  • implementation of projects and programs joint with foreign partners;
  • increasing the mobility of university students, expanding their learning opportunities, internships, and practical training at foreign Universities;
  • attracting more foreign students to study at the University;
  • establishment of contacts with domestic and foreign legal and physical persons, representatives of educational institutions of foreign states for the purpose of organizational and legal support of foreigners who wish to receive higher education at the University;
  • providing advisory and methodological assistance to other structural units of the University on matters that fall within the competence of the department;
  • document management for international cooperation, contract work in the field of international cooperation.

Functions of the Office:

  1. Promotion of the international activity of the University in its various forms with the aim of developing educational, material and technical base of the University.
  2. Summarization and analysis of proposals on priority areas of educational, scientific and cultural cooperation with foreign educational institutions, research centers, organizations, foundations and other individual and legal person.
  3. Protocol and organizational functions, which include: invitations of foreign delegations and individuals, negotiation and related organizational measures; registration of orders and other documents related to the departure of employees abroad for a business trip; correspondence and support of constant contacts with all partners in international cooperation.
  4. Information activities, the collection of information concerning international activities and dissemination it in the University, creation of databases, preparation of handouts, presentations.
  5. Contact function: preparation of cooperation agreements.
  6. Development of perspective plans of international cooperation of the University and its departments with foreign partners.
  7. Providing guidance and staff of the University with information on international cooperation in the field of education and science, providing consultations on international relations to the structural units of the University.
  8. Advising students, faculty and staff of the University about educational opportunities and internships abroad. Assistance in the execution of documents for travel abroad for teachers, students, postgraduates and other staff of the University.
  9. Providing information on international programs and involvement in international activities of staff and students.
  10. Preparation of documents regulating international activities at the University (regulations, orders, directives).
  11. International correspondence.